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Bluemed Group LLC was founded in 2013 starting with supplying used medical equipment to hospitals in other countries.  As part of their business was setting up computer networks, some of their clients who were medical offices needed to be HIPAA compliant thus their entry into the HIPAA Compliance arena.

Today, Bluemed Group has helped medical offices and their personnel comply with the strict HIPAA requirements to observe the privacy and security of patients’ medical data.

Because we are a technology and security company, we are able to protect the computer infrastructure of our clients from their computer hardware and software, including antivirus, firewalls and VPN.  We observe strict protocols for use our clients computers and even smartphones.


446 Stockholm Street Ste 200
Ridgewood NY 113855
United States of America


Office: 1 (347) 863-5522
Fax: : 1 (347) 868-1511